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The mission of the  FEARLESS FOUNDATION is to shine a light on the darkness that is child sexual abuse and to enrich the lives of survivors through education and sport, leading survivors to mastery and enabling them to flourish in all aspects of life. The FOUNDATION is currently at work on an educational tool to help survivors understand that they are not alone and to empower them with the strength to come forward and seek the help that is available. It is also designed to educate the general public as to the common warning signs of child sexual abuse. The FOUNDATION is also designing a health and wellness program using judo to help survivors achieve physical strength and fitness as well as the emotional strength and fitness that comes from increased self-confidence and mastery.


We hope you will join us in this effort.  Please help us to raise funds by purchasing your FEARLESS BY KAYLA headband by calling (212) 769-1823 or by emailing info@fujisports.com to order.  See more at www.facebook.com/fearlessbykayla

We are excited about these initiatives and will be providing more detail as we progress. We also hope that you will help us achieve our goals. To find out more, please contact Kayla using the CONTACT page on this site.

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Fighting Back

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison has always been a fighter—yet as a young teen, no one knew she was also a victim. Combining Kayla's powerful story of sexual abuse by her judo coach with science-based information from two renowned therapists, this unique book provides critical guidance for parents and professionals. Learn how to spot the signs that a child or teen is being groomed, why kids stay silent about their trauma, how they struggle with self-blame and the brutal betrayal of a trusted authority figure, and exactly what kind of help they need to recover. No one is more qualified than Kayla and her expert coauthors to explain the impact of child sexual abuse—and what you can do to keep kids safe. 

Kayla Harrison began training in judo at age 6 and is the first American ever to win an Olympic gold medal in the sport, which she did in both 2012 and 2016. Yet her competitive success masked an unimaginable personal struggle. At the age of 16, she revealed that she had been sexually abused by her coach for years. Today, Kayla uses her gold medal profile, voice, and example, as well as her Fearless Foundation, to encourage and empower other survivors of child sexual abuse. Now retired from competing in judo, Kayla is moving into mixed martial arts with the Professional Fighters League. She lives and trains in Boston. 

Cynthia S. Kaplan, PhD, is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and Director of Trauma Training and Consultation in the Simches Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at McLean Hospital. She has worked with numerous survivors of child sexual abuse and is coauthor of Helping Your Troubled Teen. 

Blaise Aguirre, MD, is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and Medical Director of the 3East Dialectical Behavior Therapy program at McLean Hospital. He treats many adolescents who have been sexually abused and is author of Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents: What To Do When Your Teen Has BPD. 

May 3, 2018
ISBN 9781462532971
Price: $14.95
246 Pages
Size: 6" x 9" 


Kayla's Book is available for purchase at: 

Guilford                        Amazon                  Barns&Noble
A gift of inestimable value for parents and others concerned about the scourge of childhood sexual abuse. If only this book had been available when my children were young, I might have recognized the causes of my daughter’s suffering—and been able to stop the abuse. It reveals the warning signs of a child or teen being lured or abused, how to talk to children about their safety in a nonjudgmental way, and how to get help. Kayla courageously shares how a survivor thinks about her experience and can heal from it.
— muriel t., toronto, canada
A much-needed look into a very complex topic that desperately needs to be addressed. As someone who personally experienced abuse, I know the isolation and shame it can bring. Reading Kayla’s personal account, I had the feeling of being understood. My symptoms were a normal response to an abnormal situation. Although recovery is a long process, Kayla shows us that it is indeed possible. This book has the power to restore hope and save lives.
— cassandra p., plymouth, massachusetts